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Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope. (The purpose driven life.)

**Ordering details are listed toward the bottom of the page**


Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We use the finest quality of fabrics and other materials to make a product we can stand behind.

  • We are striving for continuous improvement in customer service, dependable delivery, quality materials and workmanship.
  • We are committed to providing you with custom designs at a reasonable cost.


Sequins are our Speciality!

We can help you develop a look that is unique to your team.

**Here is what we need in order to put your order in process:

* A school funded purchase order or payment. We will accept a 50% downpayment (from Texas Schools only) to get started... with

the balance being paid at shipping. If submitting a purchase order it must be for the total dollar amount.

* Orders placed** prior to April 1st should be delivered by first game (not picture day). This may not include cold weather items.

Most orders placed after that date will make first game but are not guaranteed.

All orders are done on a first in..first out basis.

**We need the following items before considering your order "placed":

1) A school funded purchase order or payment in advance (deposits accepted for Texas customers). Booster club orders that can only place a deposit will be accepted with a letter of guarantee on payment of the balance due. We accept faxed purchase orders (fax number 972-775-2512).

2) Appropriate measurements. We will come and measure your members providing you have the required minimum number of uniforms or you schedule your fitting when we are in your area. If you submit measurements yourself then the uniforms will come out with those measurements and we are not responsible if incorrect measurements were taken. We will provide you with detailed instructions (sketches) and/or a fitting sheet upon request. We are not responsible for weight gain or weight loss.

3) An approved sample. We need confirmation from you in writing that you have approved the sample we have sent. If you choose to waive the sample approval because you already know exactly what you are getting then we will honor that providing you put this waiver in writing. We will accept it on school letterhead or via school email. ** You are allowed to change your sample once you see it and we will make another sample if necessary for your approval. This will take time and could delay your order. If it is just minor changes then you can notate the changes in writing and fax it on school letterhead or send it via school email.

4) For fill-ins: If we request an existing uniform to be sent as a guide then we will order materials AFTER receipt of that sample. We need the sample to ensure the correct amount of materials are ordered as well as using it for a sew guide. We may need this sample as the original sample might have been sent out to another potential customer for viewing.

We will proceed to the next order if we are missing one of the above items or if you don't respond to our questions within 24-48 hours. We will leave voice messages as well as emails.

We have to put the deadline in place due to fabric/material backorders that are beyond our control. We do not make the fabric. Dye lots change year over year and we do not guarantee that this years dye lot will match what you already have.

All above items must be in prior to April 1st in order to get you items by first game (end of August). Cold weather items and accessories (belts and/or gauntlets) may not make first game delivery.

You may choose some material that we feel is not of quality and will not hold up. We will inform you of this upfront. If you choose for us to continue your order with that specific material then we are not responsible for the material on the completed garment and it is not covered under our warranty. We will warranty our workmanship for a period of time and will be happy to fix or alter any garment that was our mistake.


Buy one of kind uniform samples on our ebay store.

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